Toppings...those special added treatments.

 ​​​​​​​​​​Artful Touches Elevate The Appeal
We really love this stuff. Being the first to market with truly, innovative packaging treatments is something we get a real kick out of. 

(Below is a small sampling on a few of our finished-look options)

  1. Textured and Glitter
    Textured and Glitter
    A dynamic mix that screams, AWESOME.
  2. Matte Varnish –Textured Feel
    Matte Varnish –Textured Feel
    Talk about making images come to life.
  3. Matte & Holographic
    Matte & Holographic
    With the right combination the end result can be simply amazing.
  4. Gloss & Matte
    Gloss & Matte
    For when you want to make a striking impression.
  5. Matte Laminate
    Matte Laminate
    An example of a sharp blend of matte laminate, gloss varnish, raised gloss, on a Holographic background finish.

  Need a  New  Look
   In Your Packaging?

We can certainly help. Gives us a little background as to what you are wishing to achieve and we will guide you through the process of creating vibrant packaging that makes products sell. ​
Want Your Brand To Command Attention
We have solutions. Our ideas are pretty great and we love to share. By working together as a powerful team, we can develop some really stunning effects.​